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Mospacka Company Limited is a leading supplier in a wide range of Cutting and Welding Products, Gas Control Equipments, Safety Gear and Steel Products.

Cutting and Welding

Cutting and Welding products is one of our biggest consignments. The main customers consist of local distributors, mining sector, Manufacturing industries, fabricators with smaller parts of the sales volume going directly to key end customers such as welders, construction, repair shops and other end users.

Safety Gear

Nothing comes next to safety. With a catalogue of safety apparel from Goggles, Helmet, Ear plugs, Masks, Leather Aprons, Leather gloves, Safety boots and all that ensures one’s safety is uncompromised.

Steel Products

We deal in a wide range of steel products from wear plates, steel plates, galvanised steel plates, flat bar steels, Universal beams & Columns, Walkway mesh, rectangular hollow sections and many other specialized steels.

Other Products

Apart from Categorized products we deal in a wide range of unique and specialized products for our customers on demand bases.

Some of these products include GCE products, Lincoln Electric products, BOSCH, Compressors, Welding machines, power mig etc